Voma: An Online Art Museum for Everyone

Last week we visited Voma.space. A free, virtual, entirely online, art museum.

Screenshot from the museum entrance.

Inés (9 years old) liked the video from dataa.art and the painting from Manet (Eduárd)

I liked the room with paintings from Abe Odedina and Manet, and the video from Gilbert & George.

The museum has a reading room where you can learn more about the artists.

We really enjoyed the visit and gave a small donation. I hope the museum will be a success. I am looking forward to see how it experiments with the changeable architecture and the possibilities of bringing together artists and artworks from different times and places.

You can hear Stuart Semple talking about the museum for the Kickstarter project:

Random things I liked last week

For a change from the many things not to like last week:

  • A book from Julia Alvarez, “En el tiempo de las mariposas“, a historical fiction during Trujillo dictatorship in República Dominicana. I loved the book. I found the first half very slow and a bit boring but then it all changes and I couldn’t put it down.
  • The movie Soul. We watched it with the kids and everyone liked it. The animations are beautiful, the music too and who doesn’t like New York?
  • Baking a Galette des Rois, from David Lebovitz recipe. It turned out pretty good. The kids didn’t like the orange zest because change but I did, and I am keeping the recipe.


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