Pickled Onions

One day you wake up and you are having coffee while reading a cookbook, and the recipe looks good, and you don’t have greek yogurt but you made a batch of home made yogurt last night, and you don’t have red onions but you have the American white onions that are sweeter than the European ones, and you have a leftover piece of baguette in the freezer, and a rest of apple cider vinegar.

Next thing you know, you are making a batch of pickled onions at 6am in the morning while you prepare the kids school lunches. The kids come down the stairs complaining that it smells disgusting and you roll your eyes because they have no taste and it smells like your grandmother kitchen that summer she decided to pickle loads of cucumbers because you loved pickles. Your grandmother pickles turned out so sour that you would wink your eyes non stop while eating them but you still loved them. There were so many jars that you spent the whole summer snacking on pickled cucumbers while watching your favorite cartoons and then complaining of stomach ache.

– The recipe is from “Tasting Paris” book from Clotilde Dusoulier.
– I have a cheap yogurt maker from Amazon.
– I buy the baguettes at Costco or WholeFoods. For the real deal, this French bakery in Wauwatosa is better.


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