Observe, Collect, Draw!

I am enjoying the book from Giorgia LupiObserve, Collect, Draw!

On Wednesday, I made this chart of a day in Slack.

A Wednesday in Slack

I got a few interesting observations, even if my collection of data was quite inconsistent:

  • Personal interactions happened in the beginning, middle and end of my day. This matches a day at the office with the morning coffee, lunch and after work
  • The core of my work happened on company public channels.
  • Private conversations about work also happened beginning, middle and end of my day
  • There is a chunk of messages without interaction, for reporting. This is part of an imperfect process that we are working on improving.
  • I was fully present during a meeting
  • I was not so good during another meeting checking and writing on Slack. I will be more present next time.
  • I worked late

It was a fun experiment. I am looking forward to repeat it and collect other data.



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