No Coincidence, No Story

Today I was taking a break from learning JavaScript and Gutenberg.

I put on a podcast. It is about coincidences and people telling their best coincidence stories. There are some good ones, like the one of the man, the love story and the dollar bill. Listen and you will see.

I start making coffee and see the boxes of books that I am procrastinating to unpack. I open one. I find this book on The Story of Art that I was reading and then misplaced it. I had been looking for it for more than a year.

I open the page with the bookmark and start reading. It is about wood blocks and Gutenberg movable letters, on the Chapter of Tradition and Innovation II. There is an example, ‘The Art of Dying Well” book: a book printed with a combination of woodcuts and Gutenberg letters.

No Coincidence, No Story.


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