Coffee Break #9: Dealing with disappointment.

Nothing serious going on but I am waiting to go back to work without a deadline. Some days, it is hard.

These are things that help me deal with disappointment (no magic potion on my side, mostly common sense):

  1. Turn it around. Make it an opportunity.
  2. Exercise. 
  3. Go to bed early. 
  4. Reduce alcohol. 
  5. Stay away from social media.
  6. Read a good book.
  7. Call a friend.

Easier said than done.

  1. Make it an opportunity: Check: I am taking a 12 weeks course to learn JS for WP. I have been many times to the library. I have new podcasts I like (This American Life). I am also getting super organized with family activities, transportation, lunch boxes, grocery shopping, meal planning, doctors etc. I will be ready when time comes to go back to work.
  2. Exercise. Joker. 
  3. Go to bed early. Total fail. 
  4. Reduce alcohol. Check.
  5. Stay away from social media. Total fail.
  6. Read a good book. Fail due to 5.
  7. Call a friend. Check. Mum also counts, she knows how to cheer me up.

So from today, I am going to tackle 2, 3, 5 and 6.

  • 2. Thursday I have an appointment at the gym.
  • 3. I am going to bed before 23:30pm and I have an alarm on my phone for that.
  • 5. I will only check Instagram, Twitter or Facebook at 12pm, I have removed all notifications and the apps from the front screen of my phone.
  • 6. To buy on kindle (tomorrow because it is getting late now): Half of a Yellow Sun, The Hungry Tide and Exit West.

My night alarm is ringing, good night.


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