Coffee break #8: First days in Brookfield.

Brookfield summer is hot and sunny, we love the house we rented, people are really friendly, Milwaukee is only minutes away and Brookfield library lets you borrow up to 125 books at a time.

Rasputín by the window
Rasputín by the window

We had a couple of issues with the move but let’s forget about those and focus on the nice things.

In the garden there are 3 vegetable plots, they have been neglected for some time. We have been cleaning them and we are almost done with one of them. Next spring, we will be able to plant. I don’t know a single thing about planting vegetables, other than miserably failing at planting things, but there is a man at Lowe’s that is the best and has been kindly telling me what to do, which plants rabbits do not eat, when to plant etc. 

We got our library card and I borrowed a beautiful book about Frank Lloyd Wright gardens. After reading it, I wanted to plant indigenous plants like “Black Eyed Susans” or “Purple Cones” but it is a bit late in the season. Next year it will be. We did plant a few flowers in a place that had been eaten by weeds. The owner has proposed to replace the wilderness with grass in October, until then, we will try to recover as much as possible.

We are staying for now in a hotel, our room has a small kitchen. I have been hunting for nice groceries. On Saturday, we found the farmers market with delicious melons, cucumbers and tomatoes. We have also tried some local cheese and craft beer, not bad! In general, I find good food more expensive and hard to find that in France but the local market was a win and we will make our own yogurt and bread, like we did in Singapore.

It has been very busy since we arrived, registering the kids to school, getting utilities, internet, social security numbers, car, bank account, various insurances, and getting used to the new environment. We have also had some free time to enjoy, visit, go to the pool and eat out. It does feel like summer holidays. We went to a couple of breweries in Milwaukee, my favourite so far is City Lights Brewing Company. It was an old Gas Light company and the building is beautiful. They had outdoor seating and live music.

City Lights Brewing Company in Milwaukee
City Lights Brewing Company in Milwaukee

Our cat is getting fat because we haven’t let him out again after he ran into the neighbours garden, climbed up a tree and didn’t want to go down, then went under the deck and stayed for at least 2 hours while we couldn’t see him and were really scared. We have ordered a GPS tracker, we will try it out and if it works, we will try again to let him out. The children would be devastated if he gets lost.

And we had this surprise guest in the garden.


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