Weekend in Madrid

Friends, “cañas”, good food and a museum. That was my weekend in Madrid.

We went to Sorolla’s museum. I was surprised by the size of the paintings, much larger than what I thought. They fill the first room with Mediterranean light. On the second room there is white, coming from “Madre”, my favorite painting in the museum. A letter from Sorolla to his wife asking for the measurements of her “saleroso” body was funny and intimate. I can’t translate the word saleroso, it loses its music.

And we even took a selfie. Last time in Berlin, we only took a picture of us when we were leaving, at the bus station.

We went to have a caña, what else.

A delicious lunch at a normal Spanish weekend lunch time, 4pm.

Coffee, more cañas, we skipped corean cinema for more cañas, and dinner at a normal Spanish weekend dinner time, 12am.

On Sunday, after a lazy breakfast, we went to El Rastro, took a peak at a former porn cinema turned into a hipster bar, and had more cañas and tapas before sad goodbyes and going to the airport.

The best of it all, spending time with friends, sin duda alguna.


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