Weekend Coffee

Weekend Coffee #2

Things I liked this week:

Going to a broadcast about goodwill and meditation.

A visit to Paris

Having lunch with a friend, La Place des Vosges under the rain and coffee and cakes at Carette.

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Place des Vosges, under the rain.

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A funny video my kids like

I like more my kids singing than the original video but they didn't want me posting it.

Making a simple demo of a market place using WooBookings bundle

It is hosted here, at, using the business plan where you can install plugins. The theme is Storefront child theme Galleria

I haven't added many products, it is not a working site, just a glimpse of what you can build.

Trying a coworking space.

My internet line fell and they couldn't tell me when it would be restored. I took the car and the laptop and went coworking hunting. This place was the one that looked better and had the better pricing in the area where I live.
They were very friendly, it was confortable, the internet worked pretty well and they let me stay late (I got locked in but that is another story).

A quiet Friday night

Helping my second kid with his first blog

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