Beauvais and Gerberoy

The Oise region, in the north of Paris has beautiful and interesting places to visit.

We went to Beauvais and visited the cathedral and the astronomical clock.

The clock is a fascinating mechanical calculating machine. On a funny note, the clock represens the final judgement. On the left of God is hell. And the island of Jersey, because, you know how much the French liked the English.

We had lunch at a bistrot in Campdeville, the chimney was on and the pies keeping warm by the fire. I couldn’t decide on a pie. They brought me three! 

After lunch we strolled along Gerberoy, with beautiful paved roads, traditional houses and gardens that make you want to live in the countryside. Just don’t be fooled: it is so green because most days are not sunny like when we visited.

During the car trip, we listened to the family podcast SHORT & CURLY. and LaLaLand soundtrack:


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